Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mackeeper crack / registration code: Mac system software, unloading and refuse removal tool

This is a Mac system software uninstall and refuse removal tool, including 16 function: anti-virus, anti-theft, encryption, backup, recovery, clean up, uninstall tool to remove duplicate files, view the System folder size, view all installed softwareupdates, and online services, etc. With it, you can delete cleanmymac, appfresh, appcleaner and so do not want to install too much software is the best choice.

Cracking method:
1.Open the installation package, there are 1.01 and 1.81, install 1.01, run inside mackeeperAuth.
2. Install the 1.81 version of the bag
3. Run time 1.01 bag mackeeperauch
4. Crack complete, you can directly upgrade to the latest version. (Have not tried one of the online services, anti-theft features, and are not sure whether it will affect the crack, but in addition to the online functions, the rest of the function of all successfully activated, ease of use)


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